The Devil's Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen

From the back cover: "Hannah is tired of holiday gatherings—all her family ever talks about is the past. In fact, it seems to her that's what they do every Jewish holiday. But this year's Passover Seder will be different—Hannah will be mysteriously transported into the past . . . and only she knows the unspeakable horrors that await."


Hannah's family and friends

  • Aaron Stern: he is hannahs litte brother
  • Hannah Stern: She is the main character. She is stubborn. She doesn't want to go to the Seder.
    • mother: She never yells at Hannah.
      • Grandpa Dan: very calm and doesn't talk adout war
    • father:
      • Aunt Eva: Hannah was named after her friend that had died.
      • Aunt Rose:
      • Grandma Belle:
      • Grandpa Will: he is watching tv and he starts screaming "Angel of death" because he is watching photos of Nazi concentration camps.
      • Uncle Sam:
  • Rosemary: Hannah's best friend

Characters in the Holocaust

  • Gitl: She is Shmuel's sister. She is the aunt of Chaya.
  • Shmuel: He is the uncle of Chaya.
  • Fayge: She is Shmuel's fiancee from Viosk
  • Yitzchak: He has two children. He is a butcher. Yitzchak wants to marry Gitl.
  • Avrom Morowitz: A man who moved to America three years ago.
  • Reb Boruch: He is a quiet, serious man. He will be Shmuel's father-in-law because he is Fayge's dad.
  • Tzipporah:
  • Shifre: Chaya's friend. She has freckles.
  • Esther: Chaya's friend. She has rosy cheeks, and she is round.
  • Yente: Chaya's friend. She has a face like a ferret. She has yellowish skin.
  • Rachel: Chaya's best friend in the past.


Hannah's family lives in New rochelle, New york. Her grandparents live in the Bronx, which is a part of New York City. The story takes present.
Grandpa Dan was born in America.

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Chaya, 1942
Hannah, Present
New York,
Important characters in this setting
Hannah, Rivka,Shifre, gitl,yitzchak,fayge
Hannah, Ant Eva, Granpa Will, Aaron
Why is this part important?
because hannah wanted to warn them about what can happen to them and Rivka also knows what can happen because she was in the holocost for a long time.
Because Hannah just did something that let Elijah go in and give Hannah a message.Also Elijah takes Hannah outside when she was suppost to be inside.

Jewish holidays and ceremonies
(DIRECTIONS: Go to and search for the following holidays. Describe the holiday in English.)
All Jewish holidays are about remembering.
Passover:passover is about jewish that were free form slavery in Egypt.
Seder: (describe this)
Synagogue:the jewish religous building

Yiddish words and phrases in the book

(DIRECTIONS: Go to and search for the following words. Type the definition in English.)

blokova: A prisoner in charge at the camps (concentration camps, death camps, forced labor camps) during the Holocaust. Typically non-Jewish (Jews were treated the worst in the camps).
baruch dayan emes:blessed is the true Judge: said upon hearing of a death.
Haggadah: the book of readings for the seder service.
Malach ha-mavis:Angel of death.
matzoh: its a piece of bread that jews eat.
yahrzeit: The anniversary of someone's death,
yarmulke: A skullcap worn in public by Orthodox Jewish men or during prayer by other Jewish men
Afikoman:matzoh that is hidden for the kids
da-da-yaynu: It would have been enough
a goy zugt a vertl: It is a Yiddish saying that means, "as the peasant says.
Chapter summaries
Chapter 1: the main character Hannah .when they are going to see their family of a Jews holiday.
They also went in the car for the holiday to Hannah's grandparents.
Chapter 2:their at the house and Hannah is been curios of why is grandpa will is shouting at the TV.
Grandpa Will is watching what happened in the pasted,the Nazis, Jews and concentration camps.
They are talking about the past when there at the party.What there talking about is the concentration camps.
Chapter 3:The stern family are in the table getting ready to start on the Jews holiday.
When grandpa Will says that Hannah can drink wine then her parents let her,because of that Hannah is grateful to her grandpa Will.Then at the end Hannah was drinking to much wine and she feels so dizzy.
Chapter 4: When she enters the other world she thinks that the wine is getting her a day dream. In the other world they are different names Hannah's name is Chaya. Shmuel is her uncle in teh other world beause he hugs her and she doesn't get why so she goes with the flow.
chapter 5:
chapter 6:Fayget parents choose who she is going to marry.This chapter is only when they are getting ready to go to the wedding.
chapter 7:
chapter 8:Chapter 8 is very interasting because is when the wedding is going to start.But when Hannah and other people saw the car they thought it was more guest but its not......
Chapter 9:OH NO ITS THE NATZIS!!!!!!!!!! So the Natzis said to get in the truck. Fayge was asking what about my wedding?
chapter 10:They are about to go to the consetration camps and are scraed. One man takls to them that there going somewhere ,when he leaves he shoots a man.
chapter 11:
chapter 12:The people that went to the wedding they asked to get in the truck of the Nazis.Then when they got put in the train they were goign to the consentrtion camps.They arrived already to hte consentration camps.But while in the train a lot of people died in the train:(.
chapter 13:Chaya/Hannah are in the concentration camp and they started working really hard because the Nazi officer said if they dont work hard they will die:(.

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